First Sport | Table Tennis Rackets (8031)

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Table Tennis Rackets

  • Rackets: 2 Star, 3 Star & 4 Star
  • Handle Shape: Flared (FL)


  • Flared: (FL) The most popular style. A (FL) handle is wide at the base and is concave in the center.
  • Straight: (ST) The straight handle has no deviation in it. It is uniform from neck to base. Handle has no deviation.
  • Anatomic: (AN) The second most popular style. An (AN) handle is tapered at the neck and is broader in the middle. The area between the base and middle is slightly concave.
  • Japanese Penhold: (JP) Most (JP) handles are long and narrow. They feature a block of cork on top of the handle for a surer and more comfortable grip. There is also a thin layer of cork on the backside.
  • Chinese Penhold: (CS) The (CS) handles are very similar to a conical shaped shakehand blade with a shorter handle.

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