Heated Massage Waist Belt (SG-581)

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The Electric Heated Waist Massage

  • Belt relieves pain quickly through instant heat and massage therapy.
  • Offering 3 levels of vibrational massage and also 3 levels of heat, this premium quality pain relief product provides a customisable therapeutic experience.

Perfect for Lower Back or Stomach/Menstrual pain

  • Made from soft and comfortable material, this premium Waist Massage Belt relaxes muscles deeply, stimulates blood flow and relieves tension and pain in the lower back and abdomen.
  • Portable with a Rechargeable Battery
  • The built-in 5000mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery allows you to use this product anywhere and recharges simply via the USB charger.

Digital Display

  • Equipped with a digital display controller and touch screen buttons, operation is simple and straightforward. The lock mode enables you to enter your settings and avoid accidentally touching the buttons once you have selected your preferred setting.

Every household needs one of these for those times when people experience back or abdomen pain.


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