LivePro | Aerobic Step Pro (LP8212)

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LivePro LP8212 exercise box / step Professional step bridge designed for fitness and aerobics training. The aid has a strong, stable construction guaranteeing comfort and safety of training. You will not be disappointed by the modern blue-black design, which is guaranteed to appeal to everyone. The perfect tool for group training, individual or rehabilitation use or fitness lessons or gyms. The box uses a completely new Air Step technology – Training with Air Step technology will allow you to look into a completely new way of training with a step box. The combination of exercise with Air Step technology will ensure that the training is even more powerful, effective and much more fun! The advantage is also the use of a step-bridge as a balance pad. Exercises can be performed on both sides of the bridge. The inflatable surface effectively strengthens muscles and actively trains your joints thanks to constant balancing and balancing. Step exercises alone will allow you to effectively slim and shape mainly the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen, while improving fitness and movement coordination. In the case of a combined exercise together with a resistance rubber, you can achieve the strengthening of any muscle on the body.

Main advantages:

  • A unique shape that allows you to perform exercises comfortably and safely
  • An innovative product that offers endless possibilities of diversity with new combinations of exercises that have not been possible before
  • Ideal for exercising abdominal muscles, lower body muscles
  • Great cardio
  • More than 250 possible exercises
  • Arched shape
  • Fixed base and inflatable dome allow training from both sides of the mat
  • 4 grip handles

Technical description:

  • Modern design
  • Air-Step technology
  • Dimensions: 115×44.5×17 cm
  • Height up to 26 cm
  • Load capacity: 200 kg
  • Material: PVC, TPE, Polypropylene


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