LivePro | Focus Pad (LP8604)

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LIVEPRO hand target is made of durable leather, which is resistant to blows, and durable. The curved design is ergonomic and fits the hands, bringing users a comfortable experience. The middle EPE cotton thickened is 5cm, which will help to disperse the impact, have excellent rebound and avoid wrist injuries. PU hanging hole at the lower end of the opening, is not easy to burst when hit, giving athletes a more secure and comfortable protection.


  • High-quality leather
    • The back is high-quality PU material, which is wear-resistant and anti-tear and has strong resistance to beating.
  • Breathable and dry
    • PU material is breathable, dry and comfortable to wear.
  • Thickened design
    • The middle EPE cotton thickened is 5cm, which is effective to disperse the impact, and reduces the chances of wrist injury in boxing training.
  • PU hanging hole
    • Bottom is opening, with a total length of 24cm. There are PU material hanging holes, which are strong and durable, not easy to burst when hit.
  • Various scenes
    • It is perfect for commercial gyms and clubs, boutique fitness studios, garage gyms, school gyms, and is a smart investment for gym.


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