LiveUp | Cooling Towel (LS3742)

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Cooling towel COOLING TOWEL LS3742 designed to increase your comfort by a slight decrease in skin temperature, which leads to:

  • A feeling of pleasant coolness during or after training;
  • Removal of fatigue from the muscles;
  • Resumption of working capacity and strength.

It is enough just to hold the towel for one minute in water, and it is not necessary in the cold and the towel, due to its high-tech material, will become much colder than air
it will feel dry to the touch. The towel is able to retain moisture for several hours, and all this time the cooling effect will be maintained. To relieve pain from an injury or overheating in the sun, you can wipe the injury site, or even just cover it with a towel. To resume the cooling effect, it is enough to wet the towel again.

Machine washable

What is the COOLING TOWEL LS3742 cooling towel used for:

  • For body cooling;
  • To relieve fatigue;
  • To resume working capacity;
  • To help with overheating in the sun;
  • To relieve pain;

Material: Polyester
Size: 30×80 cm


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