LiveUp | Half Massage Ball (LS3569)

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TTD $130.00


  • Due to the Anti-burst system, when punctured or cut, it will slowly deflate and will not burst like a balloon or scatter into pieces.
  • The shape of a massage ball does not differ from a regular fit-ball, but rubber spikes are located on its part of the surface.
  • Thanks to the flow of blood to problem areas, the ball not only helps to tighten the body, fight extra pounds, but also contributes to the effective fight against cellulite

Where to use the massage ball

  • For exercise anywhere, be it a fitness center or the apartment you live in.
  • The ball is widely used for sports with children, to relieve muscle tone in pregnant women.
  • You can use the equipment not only for physical exercise, but also for relaxation, muscle relaxation between loads.
  • In fact, this model is universal, it can be used by everyone and in any situation.
  • The ball is resilient, thanks to the durable material, you can safely lean on it and are not afraid that it will burst


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