Pro Iron | Pull Up Bar (PRO-MSDG01)

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  • 💪【Private Family Gym】: The pull-up bar is very suitable for pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, triceps push-ups, leg lifts, etc.; compact and easy to carry; with this putter, homes and offices and Any place can be your gym, you can quickly exercise, no longer have to go to the gym and expensive.
  • 💪【Stable and safe rod】: The rod is made of high-quality thick stainless steel tube, strong and durable, and can bear 400KG/880lbs; the lock design on both sides, 360 degrees firmly locked, safe and not easy to loosen; PVC honeycomb anti-skid pad, increase the contact area with the wall , Without hurting the door frame and the wall, more secure.
  • 💪【Comfortable lever】: According to research and testing, different grip distances can be used to exercise different parts of muscles, so in the concept of ergonomics, this pull-up lever handle uses high-density thickened sweat-absorbent foam Made of cotton material, comfortable grip, soft hand protection, detachable design, easy to clean
  • not to use it on glass doors, hollow doors or other fragile door frames
  • 💪【Adjustable drawbars】: Our drawbars are available in 3 sizes and can be adjusted telescopically. The adjustment ranges are: 72-92cm , 92-124cm, 110-138cm; you can choose according to the distance used, suitable for most door frames, walls and corridors For strength training anytime, anywhere

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