Pro Iron | Pull Up Bar (PRO-MSDG03)

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  • Versatile uses – pull-up bars are perfect for pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, dips, crunches, triceps dips, leg raises and more.
  • Comfortable – Non-slip extra-long foam grips and moisture-absorb for extra comfort to minimize hand fatigue,Prevent any bar movement during exercise to avoid accidents.
  • Safe and secure – Safety lock protection, prevent rotation, anti-loose , anti-skid device, the greater the gravity, thickened and made of pure steel, providing sufficient traction, stronger support.
  • Fairly easy to install – You only take minutes to set it up and remove it on the door frame. Just rotate the pole to press against the door frame. Pay attention to do not use the pull up bar doorway on glass door, hollowed door or other fragile door frame.
  • Portable – Perfect for travel with a compact, adjustable design. Toss into a bag when you’re on the move in the city or on a longer trip out of country. This bar makes it simple to take your workout away from home and stay fit while abroad. Eat, Pull-up, Love.

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