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Spalding | Varsity FIBA TF-150 In-Out Rubber Basketball (84-421Z)

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TTD $150.00

  • Official Weight and Size: 7 (29.5″)

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From the driveway to the park and everywhere in between, it’s game time! The Spalding VARSITY TF-150’s all-surface performance rubber construction can stand up to the roughest courts and conditions. It features Spalding Shooter’s Seam design that helps get your fingers aligned without a thought and provides better ball control during drills, shoot arounds, and games, so you can start putting up threes, crossing over defenders, and driving the lane right out of the box. The Spalding VARSITY TF-150 is the easiest ball to start writing your basketball story with. Let’s ball.


  • GRIP IT: All surface performance rubber cover gives the ball a solid grip for control.
  • SHOOTER’S TOUCH: Spalding Shooter’s Seam is designed for instant ball recognition.
  • ALL SURFACE PLAY: From the driveway to the gym and everywhere in between.
  • FIBA Approved Logo

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