Pro Iron | Barbell Squat Pad (PRO-GLHJ01)

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  • Comfort – Barbell pads have extra thick foam, evenly distributes weight for more support during heavy weight squats, hip thrusts, lunges and any heavy barbell exercise.
  • Durable – Hip thrust pads is made of high-quality dense materials, increasing durability of barbell pad hip thrust. Making it robust yet lightweight & comfortable to skin.
  • Safety – Squat pad use anti-slip surface and interior dots, ensures gym bar pad wraps around the barbell tightly at all times. Barbell squat pad provides shoulder and neck plenty of protection. Barbell cushion offer more comfort for hip thrusts and much safer with heavy weight workout.
  • Stress Relieve – Squat bar pad is ergonomic and fits neck perfectly to relieve stress from the neck and back, bar pad hip thrusts can effectively increase comfort meanwhile supporting bigger weights or more reps
  • Fits All Straight Barbells – 42 cm x 9.5 cm, suitable for Olympic and standard barbell bars.

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