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Standard 47″ Curling Bar w/Spring-Locks (RB-47C)

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The Standard Ez Curl Bar is mostly used for arm exercises, due to the angled grip/shape which allows for an easier and more effective way of training the arms. The angled grips allow your hands to be turned slightly, placing the wrist in a more natural position. Chrome plated construction and EZ angled design, this bar is both durable and comfortable to use when training. The knurling on the bar offers a firm and stable grip during exercise.

Most often used for bicep curls, hence the name. But also suitable for rows and tricep extensions, like skull-crushers – as it allows for a convenient and non stressful grip position.


  • Standard one-piece construction with Spring-Locks
  • Length of Bar: 120cm (4ft)
  • Weight of Bar: 5kg
  • Design: EZ Angled
  • Diameter: 28mm
  • High quality knurling
  • Use Standard 28mm or 30mm weight plates


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